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              On the morning of April 11, 2018, Lucheng District Mayor Mr. Hu Xiaodong and his team visited our company. After hearing about the Chairman Zheng Jianwei’s report on the development of the Foreign Trade Integrated Service Platform, the construction of the trade Logistics Park in Serbia, and the switching-gear to the capital market, Hu spoke highly our business model and he believed that such model would make our company bigger and stronger.

              Mr. Hu told Chairman Zheng that our company should assume a leading role in the construction of the Comprehensive Market Purchasing Pilot and the foreign trade headquarter complex in Lucheng District. He also expected our business model would aid the transformation of the entire foreign trade industry in the Lucheng District. Meanwhile, he said that our company should take the full advantage of the logistics park in Sebria and the Belt and the Road Initiative to expand our market into the Central and Eastern Europe.


          Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce to the park for field research
          Customs Officials from Hangzhou and Ningbo Came to Visit Our Company



          Lucheng District Mayor Mr.?Hu?Xiaodong?and his team visited?our?company.