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                  On the afternoon of Oct. 10, 2019, the Vice Chiefs of Hangzhou and Ningbo Customs Integrated Service Departments, Ms. Li dan and Ms. Huang Ting, their team, and Section Chief of Wenzhou Bureau of Customs, Mr. Qian Junke, came to visit our company and investigated the conditions of intellectual properties protection. The Chair of Wenzhou Foreign Trade Company, Mr. Zheng Jianwei, first introduced the basic information of the company, and then briefed on the efforts that the company had made in the protection of intellectual properties. The senior officials from Hangzhou and Ningbo emphasized the importance of intellectual properties and highly appreciated our company’s policies. They expected us to continue to value intellectual properties and protect export products. 


          Lucheng District Mayor Mr. Hu Xiaodong and his team visited our company.
          Vice Mayor Yin Zhijun came to our company for investigation



          Customs Officials from Hangzhou and Ningbo Came to Visit Our Company