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          In order to speed up the construction of overseas warehouses in Wenzhou City, listen to the opinions and construction of overseas warehouse enterprises.On the afternoon of April 12, 2021, Vice Mayor Yin Zhijun, Deputy Director of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce Huang Yongsheng, Deputy Governor of the Peoples Bank of China Song Zhengwei, Customs officials, Taxation officials, Overseas Chinese Federation officials, and Lucheng District Government officials came to our company to investigate the construction and operation of overseas warehouses. At the same time held a symposium with the heads of relevant overseas warehouse enterprises in Wenzhou.

          At the meeting, chairman of our company Zheng Jianwei introduced the construction and operation of companys overseas warehouse in Serbia.Our company's overseas warehouse in Belgrade, Serbia was built in 2017 and put into operation in 2018. The type is public trade, covering an area of 6,400 square meters, and there are about 30 companies settled in.Compared with other overseas warehouses, our overseas warehouse has the following advantages: First, it has a bonded function and can be advanced without paying taxes; Second, it is convenient for re-export trade, which can radiate to 16 countries in Central and Eastern Europe and has low cost; Third, the inventory accuracy rate is high, and inventory data can be accurately controlled; Fourth, the delivery time is fast, can be sent in 24 hours; Fifth, it can provide free offline display to realize agent sales.In 2020, under the impact of the epidemic, overseas warehouses have played a huge role in helping our company's foreign trade development and achieved significant results.

          At the same time, chairman Zheng Jianwei also pointed out that in the face of the traditional foreign trade under the influence of the epidemic, customers cannot come in (cannot participate in the Canton Fair, etc.), and the company's sales person cannot go out (cannot participate in international exhibitions).The company must make full use of its own advantages to achieve transformation and upgrading, establish online and offline integration, and open up the links of general trade, cross-border e-commerce and overseas warehouses, and achieve connectivity. The first is to build the companys trading platform, put all the companys export products to the self-built trading platform, so that guests can learn about the companys latest and best products online, and place orders online; the second is to integrate the company's self-built trade platform with the company's comprehensive foreign trade service platform (WAIMAOTONG) and the company's overseas warehouse service system to achieve one-stop service.

          After listening to Chairman Zheng Jianwei's introduction, Vice Mayor Yin fully affirmed the company's overseas warehouse performance and the company's ideas for foreign trade transformation, and requested the company's self-built platform to be completed before May 1 this year.

          Then the four companies gave their presentations, the staff of the relevant department gave answers one by one according to the questions raised by the enterprises.

          Finally, Vice Mayor Yin made a concluding speech.He said that today's meeting was well and timely. The company's speech reflected the situation of our city's overseas warehouses, and the speeches of the five departments were also very comprehensive. And put forward four requirements:

          1. To further understand the importance of building overseas warehouses to promote exports;

          2. We must complete a three-year action plan for overseas warehouses and raise standards and requirements;

          3. Platform construction is very important, and it is necessary to develop overseas warehouses in multiple modes.

          4. Government departments must establish a good information exchange mechanism.


          Customs Officials from Hangzhou and Ningbo Came to Visit Our Company
          The Hexi Corridor was officially launched on April 30, 2021.



          Vice Mayor Yin Zhijun came to our company for investigation