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          In order to overcome the dilemma that foreign trade companies cannot go out, foreign guests cannot come in, and international exhibitions are closed under the global epidemic situation.Complete the transformation of traditional foreign trade as soon as possible, realize the integration of online and offline, and coexist cross-border e-commerce and general trade.In order to let customers see the company's latest products, the most affordable prices, and the fastest way to place orders.The online foreign trade trading platform built by Wenzhou Foreign Trade Industrial Product Co., Ltd. was successfully launched on April 30, 2021.We will integrate the company's self-built trading platform, "WAIMAOTONG" comprehensive service platform, and overseas warehouse online management system as soon as possible.Complete one-stop services such as cross-border online transactions, order placement, goods preparation, shipping, foreign exchange collection, tax refund, overseas warehouse distribution, and overseas bonded re-export.https://shop.77wz.com/


          Vice Mayor Yin Zhijun came to our company for investigation



          The Hexi Corridor was officially launched on April 30, 2021.